Free SSL Certificates

Free SSL Certificates

All of our shared and reseller hosting packages come with free ssl certificates on all domains.

Making My Website Ready?
Please ensure your website is secure. Start of by ensuring any links you use (internal and external) link to https domains otherwise the certificate will not work.

Installing the free SSL?
Most certificates should automatically activate as long as you have a secure website, you can test this by making a blank page and going to the link to see if it has an ssl.

If for some reason your SSL hasn't activated please contact us and quote the domain it isn't working on and we will get that fixed for you.

If you are a reseller and you or your customers are facing the same problems please also contact us and we will get it fixed quickly.

Tips for SSL

  1. If you are using Wordpress please consider installing a SSL plugin which will make your certificate work better ensuring it shows on all pages and most will also show a debug log in case there is a reason it isn't working.
  2. Also if you are using Wordpress don't forget to change the website address in the general settings to include "https://" infront of your domain.
  3. If you are using a .htaccess in your websites root folder consider adding rules to ensure the SSL is requested. 

RewriteRule^(.*)$https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Free SSL Certificates for Domain Names?
The free certificates are not provided to the domain names you purchase, they are provided via the website hosting, if you have purchased a domain and want an SSL you either need to host your website with us or a provider who give free certificates or purchase a premium SSL certificate.
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