GREAT NEWS! We have moved to a new EU DataCentre that allows us to offer the brilliant WHMReseller plugin:-

WHMreseller is a multi-level Reseller Plugin that allows Resellers to offer WHM to their own clients. It adds 2 new levels of Reselling to WHM/cPanel servers, these are Alpha & Master Resellers.

Alpha Resellers can create Master Resellers, WHM Resellers and cPanel accounts, while Master Resellers can create WHM Resellers & cPanel accounts. Those with WHM (reseller account) can sell cPanel accounts.

This will be a direct replacement for Zamfoo which we know many of you dislike.

WHMReseller, unlike Zamfoo is lightning quick and provides you with a much clearer & detailed view of your Master / Alpha accounts - something that Zamfoo falls short of.

WHMReseller is being added at NO extra cost to our users.

PLUS when we offer UNLIMITED ACCOUNTS we mean UNLIMITED - cPanel, WHM, Master accounts and SSD disk space and bandwidth!

Watch this space for more news!

Monday, March 8, 2021

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